All warehouses are built to suit specific companies needs. With specialty racking options, companies can choose from diverse racking systems that will optimize the space and implement the best quality production for their materials. ICON can offer various specialty options to you. Push Back racking is a storage method that can provide a higher storage concentration helping you maximize your space. Push back can be structural or roll-formed frames that are fed forward by gravity and is very low profile. Pallet Flow is beneficial for fast-moving product directed by lanes that move products first-in and first-out. It reduces handling costs, powered by gravity with no electricity needed. Storage density can be doubled with Pallet Flow. Drive In/Drive Thru is another specialty racking used for large volumes of like products. It is a cost-effective solution to high density storage. Best used in food and beverage warehouses, agriculture, pharmaceutical and automotive warehouses. Other specialty racking can include Carton Flow and Pick Modules

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Icon Material Handling was founded by Jeffrey Matheney A United States Air Force Veteran of 8 years with two tours of duty. After Jeff's years of service to his country he decided to dedicate him self to serve the warehousing industry

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