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Optimize Warehouse Operations with the Leading Material Handling Service & Equipment Supplier in Michigan

Dealing with the rapidly changing business needs and increasing demands of customers requires agile and efficient material handling solutions for your warehouse operations. Icon Material Handling is a leading material handling service and equipment supplier in Michigan that can optimize your warehouse operations to overcome challenges and help meet your operational goals.

We supply a great variety of new and used material handling equipment including but not limited to storage racks, beams, conveyors, CREFORM systems, uprights, mezzanines, specialty rack systems, beams, wire decks, and we offer professional installation and removal services.

Maximize Warehouse Space For Storage

Vertical space in a warehouse is often highly underutilized. Whether for safety concerns, costs, or lack of equipment, warehouse managers fail to maximize their vertical space, but when prepared and utilized properly it offers a lot of storage space. If you’re not utilizing your vertical space, you’re not maximizing the full storage capacity of your warehouse.

Icon Material Handling can expand your rack and shelving units upwards to increase your space for inventory without compromising on safety, and with minimal cost. Our professional team can install mezzanines or sturdy stackable frames capable of holding considerable amounts of products and materials. We are aware of the safety concerns associated with installing tall structures and equipment. Our installation team will ensure that all safety guidelines are followed during installation, and that every piece of equipment is firmly secured in the right place.

You can either use this space for increasing your overall storage capacity or shift your existing stock to free up facility floor space for installation of equipment and machinery. Either way, utilizing your vertical space is a cost-effective method to augment the storage or operational capacity of your warehouse.

Increase Operational Efficiency With Automated Material Handling Equipment

Your ability to efficiently process the movement of materials is everything that determines your professional relationship with customers, so it is imperative for you to stay competitive and strive for increased efficiency in your warehouse operations. Incorporating automated material handling equipment is an impactful way to bring your efficiency to the next level.

Here at Icon Material Handling, we build automated material handling solutions customized to meet your specific needs. We work with the top companies in automation to come up with automated material handling solutions that rectify inefficiencies and help you overcome challenges in your daily warehouse operations.

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Icon Material Handling was founded by Jeffrey Matheney A United States Air Force Veteran of 8 years with two tours of duty. After Jeff's years of service to his country he decided to dedicate him self to serve the warehousing industry

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